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Our Clients

From media relations firms looking to reinforce their teams to nonprofits and global corporations, YourWriters has served clients of all sizes from all over the world and in every corner of the United States.  Clients have included companies such as  IBM, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Dell EMC, Progress Software, Infocrossing, Schneider Electric, Toluna Market Research, Harris Interactive, Philips Lifeline, Monster, Career Builder, Ziff Davis, Rodale Publishing, and John Wiley and Sons.


Why do they turn to YourWriters?


   • First, YourWriters has experienced and skilled professionals with strong reputations. You don’t have to guess, and you don’t need to spend time hunting for the right talent. We have what you need.

  • Second, our business model is cost effective. Most of our work is project based. Although some clients have asked us to work on a retainer basis, the majority take advantage of the fact that we can “turn on a dime” and deliver exactly what’s needed – often on short notice. You get exactly what you need; no less and no more.

  • Third, YourWriters was a pioneer in virtualization. We are there when you need us, and we have a bureaucracy-free style of business; you talk directly with a principal. Often, one of us will tackle a project directly. In some cases we will suggest working with a highly-regarded professional from our network of writers and editors. In either case, you get results quickly with costs that are clearly defined and generally far below the costs of hiring your own team of content creators.



"My relationship with YourWriters goes back close to 20 years, to a time when I was Managing Editor at the job site CareerBuilder and the company was providing us with a constant stream of well-written career strategy articles. It was a real differentiator for us to have content that spoke directly to issues job seekers were experiencing. And since coming to NASDAQ, I've been able to use the expertise of their financial writers for some authoritative, highly specialized pieces. I'm happy I got to know the company years ago, and always keep their number close-at-hand."

--Evan Harvey, Director of Corporate Responsibility, NASDAQ.


"I have worked with Sue Mellen and YourWriters for more than 15 years, since I was turning around Greenfield Online and she was providing writing support to a number of people at the company. Since then, she helped me write my first book, Win One for the $hareholders, and is currently working with me on a second. In between, she and her people have helped me with countless articles and invaluable media relations. They're a great group to have in your back pocket."

--Al Angrisani, CEO, Angrisani Turnarounds.


"As a publisher, it's been important to us to know that YourWriters can provide writing talent with expertise in a wide range of subjects. That gives us the security to take on even the most specialized topics. And it's an incredible plus that their work comes to us edited and proofed. That kind of attention is hard to come by in these days of 'fast-food' style writing services. We're planning to link arms and work even more closely with YourWriters in the future."

--Michelle Morse, Principal & CEO, Inspire On Purpose.


"YourWriters worked with the EMC Community Involvement team for several years. They took charge of gathering information from our Community Champions around the world, turning that information into content that was always of exceptionally high quality. Through regular contact with our Champions, they built close relationships and acted as an integral part of our organization. Their annual profiles of our Boston Marathon team members always captured the human drama of the event and training leading up to it. It's great to know we can call on them whenever we need them and expect nothing but the best."

 --Jessica Anderson, Dell Corporate Giving

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